Impact 3×5 Curved Complete Replacement Panels

£490.00 (£588.00 inc VAT)

7 x High quality laminated replacement  pop up graphic panels at  673mm x 2225mm   fitted with magnet and hangers.

5 front panels plus 2 ends, giving a total graphic size of 4711mm wide x 2225mm high.

Product Description

High quality replacement graphics for your pop up exhibition stand. Printed onto premium 350micron stop light material with premium crystal laminate, supplied with hanging strip and magnetic tape ready for use.

We can produce replacement graphic panels for numerous styles of pop up exhibition frames.  We have the most common graphic hangers photographed within the POP UP REPLACEMENT GRAPHIC section of our website.  You can order them as individual panels (or multiples of) or by selecting the bundle that you require.  For example a 3×3 pop up stand has 5 graphic drops in total.  3×3 replacement pop up graphics

If you have any queries regarding the compatibility of our graphics to your frame, please don’t hesitate to contact us for clarification.  We can provide you with additional graphic templates if required.

We never cut corners and supply un-laminated pop up graphics which can scratch easily.  All our pop up panels are printed onto premium light stop material with a crystal laminate to protect them.

3×5 Curved Template


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