Excaliber Double Sided Banner


Excaliber is a premium, versatile Double-Sided Roller Banner. Tough, durable and stable, Excaliber  has been carefully crafted and designed to incorporate the Linear channel allowing the integration of Linear accessories such as literature and tablet holders.


Product Description

Hardware Dims H x W x D (mm):

800mm – 2190 x 860 x 275

1000mm – 2190 x 1060 x 275

1200mm – 2190 x 1260 x 275

1500mm – 2190 x 1560 x 275

2000mm – 2190 x 2060 x 275

2400mm – 2190 x 2460 x 275

Max Height: 2220mm

Min Height: 1590mm

Max visible graphic height: 2130mm

Min visible graphic height: 1500mm

Excaliber Guide

Excaliber 2 800x2130mm Template

Excaliber 2 1000x2130mm Template

Excaliber 2 1200x2130mm Template

Excaliber 2 1500x2130mm Template

Excaliber 2 2000x2130mm Template

Excaliber 2 2400x2130mm Template

Additional Information


800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 2000mm, 2400mm


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