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Hop Ups Stands are Tension fabric systems for large format graphic displays, lightweight and highly portable. The Hop up stand has a seamless three sided dye sublimation fabric graphics that comes attached to the frame. so it’s simply pull and click together. The dye sublimation print process gives the hop up stands graphic a vibrancy that can not be achieved using other printing methods.The Hop up stands are a great alternative to heavier pop-up stands when exhibiting overseas, as they weigh less hence saving on transportation costs. We work on 5 full working days to dispatch from when print ready artwork has been received.

Fabric Hop Up Stands

Hop up Counter

£240.00 (£288.00 inc VAT)
£275.00 (£330.00 inc VAT)

Fabric Hop Up Stands

Fabric Hop-Up Display Stands

£368.00 (£441.60 inc VAT)
Rated 5.00 out of 5
£435.00 (£522.00 inc VAT)
£499.00 (£598.80 inc VAT)