barracuda-banner-stands (3)
barracuda-banner-stands (2)
Barracuda Tension 2015 use2 sml 2015 v1 HR
Barracuda_101029_2 (1)
Barracuda End Profile 2015 use2 sml 2015 v1 HR
Barracuda adjustable feet 2015 use2 sml 2015 v1 HR
Baracuda Base 20115 use2 sml 2015 v1 HR
Barracuda FRONT2 Approved 2016 20mmw

Barracuda Roller Banner


Stylish design and proven reliability makes Barracuda our most popular quality banner stand. Barracuda is the most feature-rich single-sided roller banner available and has been specially designed for maximum convenience.



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Widths 800mm to 1500mm is printed on PVC/PET
2000mm or higher is printed on 440gsm


Max Height: 2210mm

Min Height: 1595mm


Max visible graphic height: 2130mm

Min visible graphic height: 1520mm


800mm, 1000mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, 2000mm, 2400mm


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Barracuda Guide

Barracuda 800x2130mm Template

Barracuda 1000x2130mm Template